Top Jet Manufacturer Implements Integrated Management Systems to Optimize Manufacturing Sites Worldwide


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Project Profile

Top Jet Manufacturer Implements Integrated Management Systems to Optimize Manufacturing Sites Worldwide

鶹Ʒ Quality Evaluations, Inc. (鶹Ʒ QE) helped the world's third-largest commercial jets manufacturer, Embraer, achieve the AS9100 accreditation for its manufacturing sites worldwide.  

Project Objectives

Third Largest Commercial Jets Manufacturer Implements Integrated Management Systems at Manufacturing Sites Worldwide

Project Overview

Embraer, a global aerospace corporation, received its first AS9100 certification in 1999- the same year that the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) AS9100 standard was released to meet the needs of aerospace industry suppliers worldwide. Embraer is known for placing high value on accreditation to ensure company alignment with the most recent industry standards, supporting the brand in its interactions with stakeholders and customers alike.

When Embraer contacted 鶹Ʒ QE, it wanted to achieve compliance with AS9100. In addition, it was interested in 鶹Ʒ QE’s integrated certification for ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. All three certificates would help to optimize processes and controls, reduce costs, increase efficient resource use and more.


  • Achieve conformity on multiple sites
  • Reduce the current number of audits and increase credibility and quality
  • Quality improvements

Our Solution

Our qualified team began by thoroughly assessing whether the existing processes within the organization met the requirements of the AS9100 standard. If any gaps were identified, they were addressed before continuing with the accreditation process. An action plan was created wherein any requirements that weren’t immediately met would be addressed within a specific set timeframe.   

鶹Ʒ QE offers a full range of aerospace support including inspection, vendor assessments and training. Once we thoroughly implemented the AS9100 QMS, we could incorporate training. With all employees educated on the requirements, processes and records to comply with, this helped to establish a thorough implementation of the AS9100 standard. After all standard requirements were met, 鶹Ʒ QE could conduct the certification audit and confirm all processes and procedures were in place for certification maintenance.  

The Benefits of Integrating Management Systems 

The benefit of conducting audits like AS9100 in tandem with other ISO certifications is in reducing the overall time needed to undergo the audit process, responding to findings, and significantly reducing the investment of time and money. Once we conducted an integrated accreditation for the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, it was found that Embraer succeeded in achieving all three certifications.

Value Delivered

Embraer sought to maintain its reputation of providing the highest aircraft performance and maintaining standards of the like. In achieving the AS9100, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Embraer could further expand their market by adhering to the most recent certification standards through an organization with an unparalleled global network and aerospace industry experience.

With their internal processes improved, product safety and reliability increased and meeting the utmost safety protocols, Embraer continues to exemplify excellence in the aerospace industry as it delivers consistent quality in its products and services.

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